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If you are in the marketing for new rims, the Arospeed Wheel has amazing appeal. It was designed to fit the needs of car enthusiasts while maintaining a perfect balance of strength and durability while keeping the weight to a minimum. Made with T-64 aluminum alloy these rims are made to be pure and definitely high quality. They make for great racing wheels on many import cars used for racing.

Mr. Rodriguez

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You can find our awesome Wheels at many import car shows across the US, such as Street Kings, Hot Import Nights, and SEMA.

Our products are being shown on many vehicles throughout these shows. By demoing our products through these shows, our products can be seen in their greatest form. If you would like to see these hot wheels in action, be sure to visit one of these car shows. Our brand is highly exhibited with luxury passion in mind. These tuner wheels are great assets to any vehicle, adding style, flare, and precision. 


Arospeed AP25
Arospeed FM26
Arospeed NS21
Arospeed EM22
Arospeed AD23
Arospeed RS24